Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 1.5 RC6 linear slowdown
Author Rajesh Punjabi
Victor Wrote :

>>I don't have a win 2000 server box but will be making it up. I suspect
>>Win XP. The XP box is a 2 GHZ athlon with 1 GB
We have tested this on Win2k and XP and the degradation is similar on
both. I havent had the bandwidth to test on Linux yet.

>>Firebird is also new to me and looks to be a great db. I have been
>>building data base apps for the last 20 years and this has got me

I agree that it looks good. I do not have as much experience as you do
but I definitely like what I see. This performance degradation is very
unfortunate though because it may mean I cant use firebird.

Alan Wrote :

>Can both you guys make sure that your apps commit regularly? This moves the
>transactions along.
In our case, all transactions are container managed and they do get
closed. We monitered locks and memory and they all come back to zero
after each request. The connections are all at a constant number because
of Application server conneciton pooling.

I am almost done with my EJB and java test cases and I will email them
in a few moments.