Subject Re: [firebird-support] GBAK - last date and time (stamp)
Author Daniel Berstein
Hola m2data,

El Domingo, 28 de Septiembre de 2003 escribiste:

m> Hi,

m> All our customers use cron (nncron) (hate AT) on windows
m> (XP,NT,2000) to run gbak every night before the tape/CD/Zip backup
m> runs.

m> My problem is that I would like to check the date and time of the
m> last gbak from the client and show a popup saying "Your backup is
m> more the 2 days old".

m> The ideal solution would be something like having gbak to write the
m> stamp into the database when gbak finishes!

m> I know I could share the folder on the server and check the date
m> through the filesystem, but some of our customers uses gbak on
m> Zip/CD directly and I don't like shares (people should keep there
m> hands off the server!!)

m> Any suggestions?

Maybe you could use the GBK filename to store de date you want. You
should create 2 .bat files (or .cmd). The first one is invoked by cron
and it's purpose is to build the file name of the gbk, using the
current system time (something like APPNAME-YYYYMMDD.GBK, and then
call the second .bat whose purpose is to invoke gbak with the desired
options and the constructed filename (%1). At office we use a scheme
like this to perform our Oracle backups and works perfectly.

Daniel Berstein