Subject Re[4]: [firebird-support] Re: Stored Procedure as a Function?
Author Nando Dessena

>> select foo.col1, xy.outputparam
>> from foo
>> join someproc(...) xy on foo.col2 = xy.outputparam

MT> Tss - it actually does, sort of, although I currently get a "no current
MT> record for
MT> fetch operation " - but that might be my Fb version ( WI-T1.5.0.3481
MT> Firebird 1.5
MT> Release Candidate 3)

it always worked in InterBase; just tried and it works in my RC2.
Not that I do it ofter enough to say it always works.

>> I second the idea of CREATE FUNCTION, even though it's only syntactic
>> sugar AFAICT.

MT> Disagree - a FUNCTION allows usage without SELECT etc and can be
MT> very much more "clean" in this regard.

that's exactly what I meant for "syntactic sugar": the ability to use
a better, cleaner syntax to do a task that's already possible through an
alternate, worse syntax. So we don't disagree after all. :-)

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