Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: MS Server 2003 install failed
Author Olivier Mascia
Thursday 25 Sep 2003, 05:55, dcrkt écrivait :

> Well, thats good news. I'll investigate further then.
> Does anyone who has worked with the source code know what the
> following error means?
> Firebird server error 1063 : StartServiceCtrlDispatcher failed.

That's a Windows error code : "The service process could not connect to
the service controller."

> Where should I be looking to solve the problem?

I suspect that your Firebird service configuration is broken.
How did you installed it ?

Assuming you're using FB 1.5 RC6 (if not, please do so), use "instsvc
remove" and then "instsvc install". This will re-register the engine as
a service, without the guardian. Does it fix your problem ?

If yes, continue with "instsvc remove" then "instsvc install -g" to
install it with the guardian. Does it works ? (It should and will.)

Best Regards,
Olivier Mascia