Subject RE: [firebird-support] MS Server 2003 install failed
Author Gabhan O'Loughlin

Successfully installed Firebird 1.5RC6 SuperServer on Windows 2003 server
without a problem.
Win2k/XP/98/ME Clients all connecting successfully using IBProvider without
a problem.
Client application uses StoredProcedures and in some cases - bidirectional
Application doesn't use triggers so haven't tested those.
Application also uses Delphi UDF's which were initially a problem, but this
was due to Borlndmm.dll not being on the path.
Haven't tried classic server either. Have you tried running Firebird 1.0 as
an application instead of a service. I found that this prompted my firewall
into action which then allowed the service to start subsequently.

I am extremely pleased with the results, since IB6.01 was painful on Win2003

Gabhan O'Loughlin
Development Director
Input Systems

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Sent: 24 September 2003 01:48
Subject: [firebird-support] MS Server 2003 install failed

I just tried installing Firebird release version on MS Server 2003
and I get the following error message in the event log.

Error 1063 : StartServiceCtrlDispatcher failed.

This is a new server. No other software is on it other then the OS
and antivirus.

Has anyone successfully installed Firebird under Server 2003?

Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this?


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