Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird and Novell Netware
Author Artur Anjos
Hi Gregory,

> Can I deploy Firebird 1.0 database on Novell Netware 6 server?

Firebird will not work in a netware 6 server. The info you got from Borland
was regarding Interbase 5, the last version that worked with Novell.

But I have lots of customers with a Novell Netware network. The solution is
to buy a server just for Firebird, put Linux in it, and use TCP/IP -
probably you are running a IP only solution with netware 6. I use to make
Firebirds to Novell server - run Gbak and ftp the result file to netware

Novell Netware clients use to like this solution - netware servers weren't
build to be database servers. You will have to buy more hardware, of course,
but this will beneffict also Firebird application, since it will be run in a
dedicated machine, and will not mess around with your netware configuration