Subject Re: [firebird-support] Difference storing SUB_TYPE 1 versus SUB_TYPE 0
Author Carlos H. Cantu
IB/FB doesnt validate the info you are storing in BLOBs, but the
subtype is used by various programs and utilities to determine how to
display and deal with the information stored in the blob, so if you
store binary data in a text subtype you may have problems with some
utilities and/or applications. I never tested, but I think you can have
problems also trying to stored binary data in subtype 1 blob if the
blob if defined with a specific charset.

Also FB allows you to do special things with subtype 1(text) blobs,
like inserting text direct into the blob via SQL without the need of
an UDF.

FireBase -

RD> I've noticed something odd. It seems I can store and retrieve binary
RD> data from a SUB_TYPE 1. Maybe I'm wrong.

RD> But, what are the differences in the way SUB_TYPE 1 versus SUB_TYPE 0
RD> are stored and retrieved from a table? Or you could just point me to
RD> some docs. I couldn't find detailed documentation on this.


RD> R.

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