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From: "Luciano Passuello" <passuello@...>
Subject: Integrated deployment of Firebird


I intend to develop an application and deploy Firebird to be run
locally by the application. How can I integrate Firebird's setup
my own (ie. not popup the Firebird MSI window).

Any help is appreciated. I'm new to Firebird, and couldn't find
information anywhere else.

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I have created an InnoSetup script for installing Firebird in
mode, where it provides the user with various options such as
SuperServer or ClassicServer, using or not using the Guardian
service and
whether the service should be automatic or manual etc. Then I
have included
the setup.exe generated by this script into my main app's
InnoSetup and made
it run in silent mode. I think you can do the same thing with
favourite setup tool. You can go through the FB Documentation
(pdf file) to
find out which files you will need to install and the
command-line utilities
instreg.exe and instsvc.exe and their parameters, and then
create a setup.
While creating this setup, you can make it as general as
possible. Then
from your main app, you can include this setup and make it run
in silent
mode. I think most setup tools allow a silent install feature
(and also a
silent uninstall feature).



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