Subject Re: [firebird-support] Initializing Generators in Stored Procs
Author Tim Ledgerwood
>But Oh! don't do it except on a completely shut-down database.

VERY clever! :-D

No, what I need it for is initializing transaction types - in ALL
databases, there HAVE to be "Debits", "Credits", and "None". Since I can't
find any kind of "global constants" in FB, I have written an SP that is run
from the client if the client finds that there are no values - it ONLY runs
in this case - the SP itself checks to see if there are values, and if
there are, exits with an error message.

In order to allow for the user to enter his own values after these have
been initialized, I have a short procedure that runs and fills in the
values I require. After that, the users can do as they please - except
deleting or altering those values.

Thanks Helen

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