Subject Re: [firebird-support] RO transaction
Author Ann Harrison

>I did search with google and in IBPhoenix site, but didn't find
>a clear definition for the "read only transaction".
Perhaps it just seemed too obvious.

>Also I remember
>reading something like "readonly transaction is started in
>read committed mode and therefore does not stop OIT
>advancing .." but can't find this link any more :(
That's true in Firebird. If you've declared your transaction as "read
read_committed", it runs "precommitted" and has minimal effect on other

>I'm using delphi+fibplus to access firebird database and as
>fiblus transaction component contains logic to use separate
>readonly and write transactions for dataset I would like to
>know, what transaction parameters to use?
>For now, I have these settings:
>- for readonly transaction
>"read, nowait, rec_version, read_committed"
For myself, I prefer wait, but in this case it doesn't matter - there
will never be a conflict.

>- for write transaction
>"write, nowait, rec_version, read_committed"
For write transactions, I prefer wait as it reduces the chances of
certain kinds of performance problems.