Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multi File Database + Dialect 3
Author H.I.S Developer
Thanks Helen,

But I find some problems creating the database
When I execute in IB_WISQL, I get an error which reads "Invalid database
When I execute in IB Expert, I get an error which reads "unknown win 32
error 3"
I have IB 6.0 installed on my PC. I have tried changing the file ext to gdb
even then the I could not create the DB.

Thanks for help

2.How to create a multi file DB ,each of size 1Gb and with Dialect 3?

On a Windows server, the following will create a database of three files,
each able to store up to 1 Gb:
CREATE DATABASE 'd:\data\MyData.fdb'
FILE 'd:\MyData1.fdb'
STARTING AT PAGE 128001 /* pages */
FILE 'd:\MyData2.fdb'
STARTING AT PAGE 256001 LENGTH 128000; /* length on last file only */

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