Subject Re: [firebird-support] Dump blobs from GDB File - Part II
Author Ann Harrison
Pierre Y. wrote:

>That's doesn't works because i didn't read the blob pages in the right order.
Ah. If you scan the database, you need to sort the results by starting
page number and sequence.

>You cannot "scan" the whole pages of the database extracting the blobs that are in blobs pages. You must scan the datapages, detecting level 1 or level 2 blobs to get the blobs pages in the right order.
That's certainly easier.

>Next question : What are "Stream Blobs" ? I saw that some of the metadatas are stored in this kind of blobs but I don't understand why.
Segmented blobs corresponded to a record oriented file system (RMS) that
was part of VAX/VMS. RMS files didn't contain <cr><lf> but assumed that
the end of a record was end of line. Stream blobs are more like Unix
files - they're just data, no length words.