Subject Re: Firebird 1.5 RC6: current_timestamp value fixed
Author peter_jacobi.rm
--- In, "kumasoftllc"
<kumasoftdev@b...> wrote:
> I have discovered that the value returned by current_timestamp is
> fixed within the scope of any given stored procedure call.

Generally speaking, within in a transaction, every functio
you call is required to give the same result for the same
arguments. For functions taking no arguments, as current_timestamp,
this implies fixed results.

A transaction freezes the environment for consistency of its operation.

Sad that, and just short of quoting holy scriptures, I'm under
the impression, that SQL implementations conforming to the
standard in this point, almost always have a backdoor for those
pesky users who want it otherwise. As Helen noted, this backdoor
for Firebird may have been accidentically shut closed.

Peter Jacobi