Subject MORE Re: [firebird-support] isql, ibconsole on FB Embedded?
Author Helen Borrie
Sorry for top-posting.
Just went back to my current draft of releasenotes and realised there's
probably a problem with this. By all means try it and post back if it
works. If it doesn't, try moving the binaries back up to the application
directory, but still follow the advice about using full paths/aliases and
still make sure IBConsole and gds32.dll are in the same subdirectory.

Also, I *think* you have a problem having both gds32.dll and fbclient.dll
there. You should have one of them and, in either case, it should be
fbembed.dll renamed to that name. For IBConsole, it will need to be
gds32.dll, because it's Borland software and is hard-coded for gds32.dll.

Later today Dmitry and I are working on how to document this and a couple
of related filesystem issues properly, so have patience and I'll post back


At 08:57 AM 14/09/2003 +1000, I wrote:

> >Does this all look right?
>aliases.conf <-- makes life easier
>bin/ib_util.dll <---
>data/testdb.gdb <--- recommended
>bin/isql.exe <---
>ibconsole.exe <--- (needs gds32.dll in its path, not found in %system% so
>must be local)
>bin/gbak.exe <-- will be needed
>In firebird.conf:
>RootDirectory = d:\TheRootDir
>If using aliases conf:
>db1 = d:\TheRootDir\data\test.gdb
>D:\TheRootDir\bin> ibsql db1
>D:\TheRootDir\bin> ibsql d:\TheRootDir\data\test.gdb
>Tip: if it's likely that it will be deployed on ME or XP, use ".fdb" or
>something else (not ".gdb") for db file suffix.
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