Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird embedded DLL prerequisites
Check for msvcp60.dll in the windows system directory.

Some systems have it.

A clean windows 98 will not.

This is the microsoft visual C++ runtime. You need to deploy this for embedded firebird


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Date : 13/09/2003 3:03:11 AM
Subject : [firebird-support] Firebird embedded DLL prerequisites

I'm trying to deploy a "no-install" application from Delphi 7 using
the Firebird 1.5 embedded dll.

The application directory includes gds32.dll (renamed Firebird 1.5
embedded DLL), and dbexpint.dll (Borland Interbase dbExpress driver),
and Midas.dll. When I try to run the application (on some Win XP
computers without Delphi installed) I get the message "Unable to load

I'm assuming that gds32.dll needs some prerequisite dll, but what?



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