Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Embedded - function not defined
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:49 PM 12/09/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>I am looking at using FB embedded for a local application, however, I keep
>running into a problem with UDF and stored procedures. This is using a DB
>created with IB Console, using Delphi 5 and IBX to access the database.
>The application can log into the database just fine, retrieve data
>withstored procedures, etc. All without problems. However when I apply a
>procedure stored in the database that uses a UDF I get the error message:
>"Invalid request the function XXX not defined. Module name or entry point
>could not be found."
>This database and application runs fine using Interbase 6.1 CS

InterBase 6.1 CS on Windows ????????????????? No such animal.
Not relevant, though, since Fb embedded is SuperServer.

>, so there is nothing wrong with the external functions stored in the
>database (and all my trials were done with IB server turned off).

You mention further down that you were running on Win9x. At some point,
there *was* a problem with fbembed and udf dlls on Win9x, to do with the
timing of the library loading. So this one would be worth a question of
firebird-devel - make sure you mention which build of Fb you are using.

>Folder tree for my application using FB embedded is:
>c:\programme\test demo\app.exe
>c:\programme\test demo\gds32.dll
>c:\programme\test demo\firebird.conf
>c:\programme\test demo\firebird.msg
>c:\programme\test demo\udf\ib_udf.dll
>I have tried every combination of default settings and folder setting for
>RootDirectory and UdfAccess that I can think of. Even trying "test_demo"
>for the folder in case there was an issue with spaces in the folder
>name. I tried the ib_udf.dll supplied by interbase and the one supplied
>by the FB Embedded download. Rebuilt the external functions in the
>database when I changed the DLL. I even added another folder level as in
>the readme file to:
>c:\programme\test demo\app.exe
>c:\programme\test demo\gds32.dll
>c:\programme\test demo\firebird.conf
>c:\programme\test demo\fb\firebird.msg
>c:\programme\test demo\fb\udf\ib_udf.dll

I think the readme at one point was confusing. The important thing was to
ensure that the /UDF subdirectory has the RootDirectory immediately above
it. In the example above, the RootDirectory would need to be

c:\programme\test demo\fb

>And tried again every combination of default settings and folder setting
>for RootDirectory and UdfAccess. All to no effect. The error
>continues. Most settings do not even report an error in the error
>log. So I assume there is no error in my folder assignments and
>firebird.conf file.

I'm dubious about this directory name with spaces. Have you tried putting
double-quotes right around the paths?

>This can not be that hard... what is going on? I did see several older
>posts that this was an issue back in 2001

Back in 2001 there was no fbembed and the filesystem configuration was
totally different. Possibly you are using a RC that didn't have the
library problem resolved...

The reason you don't see a long history of Fb 1.5 in the archives of *this*
list is that Fb 1.5 is still beta software. When you are working with
betas, you're a beta field-tester and you really ought to raise your
configuration questions in firebird-devel.

The rules have become marginal recently, now we are so close to
release. But, the fact remains, there will be inconsistencies from one
beta version to another, and trying to treat these as support issues is a
headache. It's better for everyone if the developers know about problems
on the fringe of the reality spectrum. The developers themselves are very
unlikely to have Win9x systems available for their own QA.