Subject Re: Firebird location
Author ra8009

Thank you very much! Very helpful information.

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 08:20 PM 10/09/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >I used the Firebird- install. I don't remember
> >a choice. Was there one?
> Yes. At about the third page of the installer, there is a drop-down
> where you choose what kind of install you want. The client-only
option is
> "Minimum client install - no tools".
> >So my application connects to the Firebird client software which then
> >connects to the Firebird Server software, which then connects to
the data?
> That's exactly right. Your client application has to know where on the
> server the database file is located, and pass that information to the
> client. So, if you don't have DHCP running, you need an entry in
> file of the client, so that it can find the host server.
> A simple example: I have Firebird Classic server running on my
> under Linux. The IP address of the notebook is and its
> broadcast name is "mini". So, in the HOSTS file on the client, I
> this entry:
> mini #Firebird Classic Linux server
> I have a lot of database files on the server, in a filesystem named
> including one called ffoundation.fdb. My application can connect to
> database by passing this connection string to the client:
> mini:/data/ffoundation.fdb
> I also have a Firebird server running on another machine in Win2k. Its
> network name is duck and its IP address is In my HOSTS
file, I
> have an entry for it:
> duck # Firebird SS Win2K server
> My databases are on drive D, in a folder named data. To connect to a
> database there named documentation.fdb, as a TCP/IP client, I can
use this
> connection string:
> duck:D:\data\documentation.fdb
> That's fine - but in 1.5 I can use database aliases, which has a lot of
> benefits. In particular, it means I can soft-code the database path
> my application without knowing where the database file actually lives.
> In aliases.conf, on the servers, I have these entries:
> On the Linux server:
> ff = /data/ffoundation.fdb
> On the Win2K server:
> doc = D:\data\documentation.fdb
> Now, this means that my applications, tools, etc. just connect to the
> alias, without being concerned whether the database file is on the
Linux or
> the Win2K server. With 1.5, my connection strings actually look
like this:
> mini:ff
> duck:doc
> Now, if I decide to move ffoundation.fdb onto the win2k server and
> documentation.fdb onto the Linux server, I do that and alter the
> aliases.conf files accordingly:
> On the Linux server:
> doc = /data/documentation.fdb
> On the Windows server:
> ff = D:\data\ffoundation.fdb
> My applications don't have to change anything.
> More than you asked for, I know - but it might save us from six more
> questions to get your client connected. <g>
> Helen