Subject Re: Rename Multifiles database
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
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> wrote:
> > Hi,
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> > At September 10, 2003, 21:46, Chooi-Ting wrote:
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> > > I have a multi-files database, can I rename them ?
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> > The main file might be renamed, but not the secondary files, since
> the
> > main file references them.
> Is it means that I still can access the database, and validate the
> database (gfix) ? as according to firebird manual, we need to make
> working file copy before perform validation.

If you copied all files of your database, you can work with original
database, but can't with copy. Any access to copy will corrupt both
original database and copy - you'll access different main files but
secondary files of original database. Copy can be used only to replace
original if it will be finally broken during attemps to validate.
But there are 2 known for me utilities which can attach copied
secondary files to new main file, making possible to use entire copied
database. One is glink, which you can find at (for Windows based servers
only), another - ibrelink, which I use on Linux and you can find it at I don't remember exact link and seems Claudio's site
is temporary unavailable.

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