Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird location
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Helen,

> In aliases.conf, on the servers, I have these entries:
> On the Linux server:
> ff = /data/ffoundation.fdb
> On the Win2K server:
> doc = D:\data\documentation.fdb
> Now, this means that my applications, tools, etc. just connect to
> the alias, without being concerned whether the database file is on
> the Linux or the Win2K server. With 1.5, my connection strings
> actually look like this:
> mini:ff
> duck:doc
> Now, if I decide to move ffoundation.fdb onto the win2k server and
> documentation.fdb onto the Linux server, I do that and alter the
> aliases.conf files accordingly:
> On the Linux server:
> doc = /data/documentation.fdb
> On the Windows server:
> ff = D:\data\ffoundation.fdb
> My applications don't have to change anything.

I guess I should go to bed, but: if you move databases to another
server (as opposed to another path), shouldn't the apps change the
connections strings to:



Paul Vinkenoog