Subject Re: [firebird-support] Generators
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:28 PM 9/09/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Reading the Release Notes (1.0), I had the feeling that in Firebird 1.0
>generators can use more than one page, so there is no limit.
>The problem before-Firebird 1.0 was 'if number of generators where more that
>can fit in one page, the database will be corrupt'.
>This was corrected (see SFID 216733). I was convinced that the patch was to
>allow generators to spread to multiple pages, and that there is no limit for
>the number of generators on these days.
>Am I wrong?

No, you are right - Ann just confirmed it. Some people should RTFM,
shouldn't they? :->

heLen (Author of the Release notes, where it is ACTUALLY DOCUMENTED).