Subject Re: [firebird-support] troubles after restore
Author Helen Borrie
Hello Walter,
Your problem seems to have scrolled out of sight so I'm requoting it in
full for the benefit of week-day viewers. :-)

At 09:10 PM 8/09/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>Hallo all,
>restoring the database I received the error not enough memory for sort. So I
>switched off the indices and succeeded. Only one index I can not activate
>with the same error. The field of this index is varchar(50) and the table has
>about 9.000 rows. It's only a normal index for optimize search time.
>PC: P III/600 256 MB RAM, SuSE Linux 8.2, Firebird 1.0 SS
>1. Which memory is used for sorting and building the index. Is it the tmp
>directory, specified in isc config?
>2. The main table in the DB has a PK, which is referenced in many tables.
>After the restore I can't delete any row in this table. Error message:
>"internal gds software consistency check (partner index description not found
>(175))". There don't exist an index with the name 'partner'. It exists a
>field with this name, which has a foreigen key to the main table. I deleted
>this foreigen key and rebuilded it. But it's always the same error. It
>depends not to the key, which I couldn't activate! Is there a system table
>Many thanks to your advices.
>Walter Neumann

Not a corrupt table; otherwise the restore would have failed. Possibly a
corrupt record - but, again, I think it would have caused the restore to
fail if it was encountered during the processing of the backup file.

Have you tried restoring the database again from the original gbak file,
when the network is quiet? All I can think of, since the db restored
without errors the first time, is that there might have been some
filesystem corruption during or after the restore.