Subject Re: [firebird-support] bugged "alter procedure"
Author Daniel Rail

At September 9, 2003, 03:56, Henryk Paluch wrote:
> Hi!
> You need to compile again procedure A too. When A includes B then change
> in B is not reflected in A (that A still contains copy of old B
> procedure).

> It seems that Firebird does not call B from A, but that A contains
> expanded code from B (somehting like macro expansion), but it is pure
> guess...

Not true. A actually calls procedure B. A only contains the
information on how to call B and what is its parameters.

And, here's the answer to Peppe's question in regards to FB 1.5, this
is from the What's New file:

Fixed unregistered bug.
Stored procedures are no longer recompiled before deletion.

It was fixed in FB 1.5 Alpha 4.

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