Subject Re: [firebird-support] One Generator To Rule Them All
Author sugi
> Actually, generators are 64-bit integers. For the primary key field
> type, either use Numeric(18,0) with FB 1.0x or BIGINT with FB 1.5,
> using dialect 3.
Yes... <blush> I keep forgetting that part...:)
Two more questions from me :
1. Does this mean that you think it's safe to use one generator for
2. Do we have to use BIGINT in FB1.5 Dialect 3 or could we use
Numeric(18,0) instead? You seem to be implying that there are some
consequences/differences between the two construct.

Thanks in advance,

I've read somewhere that Delphi 5/6 (with both IBX and IBO) is having
problems with 64-bit integers, due to incompatibilities with the Variant
type, so we cannot use constructs such as :
query1['fieldname'] := some_bigint_value;
... or ...
query1.fieldbyname('fieldname').value := some_bigint_value;
Or vice versa (getting the value out of the database). But that's a
Delphi specific issue, I think, Off topic here.