Subject Re: [firebird-support] Gfix -Buffer
Author Ivan Prenosil
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From: "Chooi-Ting" <goonct@...>
> if the physical ram is 2GB, and I would like to allocate 1GB for
> firebird database cache. Assume that page size for database is
> 8192byte.
> The buffer that I can create for database cache is 1GB/8192 = 128000
> page ?
> if the above calculation is correct, I am getting a problem to
> allocate 128000 page of cache for my database.
> gfix -B 128000 abc.gdb
> I am getting error:
> "bad parameters on attach or create database"

Maximum is 64k pages per database. (But until some internal algorithms
are tuned, it is recommended to use smaller value; 10000 is usually enough).
Do not forget that Firebird will use much more memory (not configurable)
for other tasks, e.g. to hold connection informations, transaction lists,
sorting buffers, row buffers, sparse bitmaps, prepared statements,
compiled triggers/procedures, etc.

Ivan Prenosil