Subject Re: Firebird 1.5 RC5 problem (again)
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Salvatore,

--- In, "Salvatore Besso" wrote:
> gbak, the process fails at the first table with a laconic
> "unsuccessful metadata update 'table_name'".
> I have to say that I have used the Brookstone collation drivers
> (latest version) in my databases, and I suspect that RC5 is not
> compatible with the version that was working with 1.03, but I can be
> wrong.

You may have a serious problem here.

The Brookstone collation drivers and FB1.5 did have
a compatibility problem, which -I suspect- isn't resolved

Try this:

1. Rename gdsintl2.dll to fbintl2.dll

If this doesn't work

2. Copy this dll and also the fbintl.dll under
the names gdsintl2.dll and gdsintl.dll (so that you now
have four files in the INTL directory)

If this doesn't work

3. Kindly ask Dave Schnepper about his FB 1.5 plans.

Peter Jacobi