Subject Re: [firebird-support] REPLACE command
Author Milan Babuskov
Martijn Tonies wrote:
> You know - I bet I know why MySQL has a REPLACE... As it doesn't have
> FKs, it doesn't have cascading delete FKs and you can easily delete a master
> row. With Firebird, however, you would "replace" the row, but you would run
> into problems with FKs.
> Another - I think better - command would be:


I would rather see UPDATE_OR_INSERT command.
If you try to update the record that doesn't exists (no PK), the db
would create new one (using entered PK value and defaults for all other
columns). I have come to need something like this every now and then,
but some SP or few lines of code do the job well.

IMHO, there are other, *much* more important things for FB development
team to "waste" their time with.

Milan Babuskov