Subject Re: REPLACE command URL
Author Svein Erling
Well, Marc,
I would say that this could be a useful feature if the database did not have proper transaction control. Since a transaction in Firebird/InterBase is not visible to other transactions until committed, the only benefit of this that I easily see is that you have less to type. And if you frequently find that you need to run REPLACE on a table, then you could just write a stored procedure.

I guess firebird-architect would be a sensible place to discuss something like this, but in general I think your suggestions would be taken more seriously if you base them on a standard (e.g. SQL-92), rather than basing them on MySQL.


--- In, "Marc Geldon" wrote:
> But I think that would be a very helpful feature, isn't it? Are there any plans to integrate that? Is there a way to post that idea?
> Thanks in advance!