Subject Re: [firebird-support] Easy tool for intended users
Author Milan Babuskov
Warren Stanley wrote:

> Hiya guys
> I'm a brand new Firebird user - very basic skills gleaned from playing with MySQL. Am interested in creating a database but i have concerns on whether ther
is a "client" app that is a bit like a Form that you can create in "M$
Acce$$", or is it gonna have to be PHP(more to learn). Any pointers
would be greatly appreciated.

PHP is really not that hard, but if you really want to, you may try
IBExpert forms. That might be exactly what you want...

What is IBExpert Forms?

IBExpert Forms is a freeware Scripting Development
Engine based on InterBase/Firebird and Components
from the following Companies:

Download and more info here:

Milan Babuskov