Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: [OT] Virus
Author Lucas Franzen
> Nope, no Sobig here - but I do get virus emails. Pretty often. And I think
> from IP

No Sobig here either, but before getting my emails I have to use
quickdelete (who's interested in a nice free program for deleting mails
on the pop server: ) to clean up my server and get rid
off these emails.

About 20+ MB, approx. 80 Mails within the last hours, all between 98-103
KB (and some 910 kb).
If Mozilla-Filters would allow me to delete all these mails from the
server (maybe it does and I just haven't found out do far) without a
prior download it'd be pretty easy:

They're all within this scheme:
Topic starting with: "Re: Your application"
"Your details"
"Re: Thank you!"
"Re: Details"
"Re: Approved"
"Re: My details"
Topic contains : "Wicked Screensaver"
"That movie"

Unfornuately my provider says he isn't allowed to delete them....

I hope it will stop in the afternoon...

(Seems like it's always between 6 and 12 am MEST)