Subject Re: [OT] Virus
Author Svein Erling
--- In, Alan McDonald wrote:
> Someone on this list has a virus infected computer..
> Each time I post a message I get many virus emails returned (last hit was 69
> emails in one go..
> please clean your machines
> Alan

Maybe so, if so that would probably be someone who has set his/her account to 'Individual messages'. Also, others sending to this list should confirm or deny that they get such amounts of virusinfected emails. I have not received much viruses lately at all - excepting the day SoBig.F hit the Internet (that day I received a fourdigit number). After locating a few sources and cleaning their machines (or notifying postmaster for those sources that were external), I have only received one or two each day. I admit that it was pure luck that I found whom the infected ip addresses belonged to.

In case anyone could be infected:
SoBig.F can be detected by checking whether you have a process named Win32ppr running. For cleaning, go to