Subject Re: interbase character set
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Leo,

UTF-8 under the name UNICODE_FSS is supported, with
some problems pending for correction.

--- In, Leo Sudarma wrote:
> I want to save Vietnam Character to IB using UTF-8 type.
> So I create a table with character type : UNICODE_FSS,
> and ISO8859_1.
> Cannot transliterate character between character sets

Some part of the connection between your App and your database
doesn't use UTF-8 but another character set and while translating
between that character set and UTF-8 the error occured.

What to do:
1. Give us more information which software components are involved
2. Lookup the doc for those components and set "connection charset"
or what is called to UNICODE_FSS

Peter Jacobi