Subject Re: UNC to drive letter path
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Thomas,

--- In, "Thomas Bachinger" wrote:
> Just as you presumed in your lines above I have also expected that,
since I
> have local insight into the server machine via the windows open dialog
> (where I can freely browse all folders on the server and find my
> location)

Opening remote databases using Windows File Open
Dialog is almost always wrong.

You should manage your different databases (if there even
have to be more than one, a large share of applications
would be fine with having all in one database) as abstract
resources and the user should neither asked nor bothered with
their filesystem location.

Unfortunately your installation program will have to
be bothered with this problem, unless you can use FB1.5

One of the many workarounds is having a INI at a well known
server location like \\ServerName\FirebirdHome\Databases.ini
and duplicate the alias handling in your app code.

Peter Jacobi