Subject Re: [firebird-support] UNC to drive letter path
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Thomas,

>> You could set up database aliases. I am not sure if that is a FB1.5
>> feature though.
> ... thanks, I am a beginner to firebird, so I will start reading in
> on database aliases...!!

Aliases are new to 1.5, so unless they backported this mechanism to 1.0.3
- which would really surprise me - you can't use them with your current
server. You'll have to use the full local path on the server, and as seen
from the server.

BTW: guessing a local path from a network path is dangerous, because you
don't know how shares and share names are set up. (And if you do, you have
"local insight" into the server machine, in which case you can probably
also find the path to the database.)

Paul Vinkenoog