Subject Re: Firebird (browser)... :-(
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "Carlos H. Cantu"
<listas@w...> wrote:
> Do not want to start all the flames again, but take a look at
> it is in portuguese) :
> This article from one of the biggest newspapers from Brazil is
> about Mozilla new browser calling it "Firebird" in all the article.
> It's the first time I see "Firebird" name being used in a comercial
> media not being related to our database :-(( I felt bad...

Carlos, you can address this to Brendan Eich, who visited our
firebird-general forum few days ago saying once more that in fact
there is no harm done to us and they were too busy this monthes to
bother about branding policy. Perhaps he still watches those forum.

Best regards,