Subject RE: [firebird-support] bug in blob param
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:05 AM 2/09/2003 -0300, you wrote:
> > The error that Mariano is making is to declare a blob as
> > input parameter
> > and then to pass a varchar in that parameter. A blob is a
> > blob, not a
> > varchar. Parameters have to match BY TYPE.
>i understand that, Helen,
>but, is there a way to call a sp from another with a blob param?

Yes, pass a blob to it. If you don't yet have a blob, then pass a
varchar. You have an actual limit on varchar size of 32K minus 2 bytes but
only a crazy person would pass a 32K varchar down the wire anyway. It's
best if possible to have your client code form the blob and actually pass
the blob as a blob. It's the only way if you have non-text blobs.

>using F_STRBLOB(varchar, blob) i have the limit of 254 chars.

I hadn't heard of that. But, again, you wouldn't want to be passing big
varchars all over the network.

>the problem begins with de first sp that does not receive a blob as param.
>if the only way to assign a blob inside a sp is by calling F_STRBLOB, well
>i'll use it.

It's a fudge. Why can't you simply pass a blob as the initial param?