Subject Re: (Att. Alan McDonald) Firebird DB slow on 1st transaction.
Author mrqzzz
> I have never experienced 2 minutes in this instance - I agree that
the first
> transaction after reboot is longer than subsequent transactions -
my servers
> are pretty reliable and my reboots are managed so my users never
> these minor delays (and I mean minor - not 2 minutes).

The 2 minutes delay is on a 250 Mb database.
The DB i sent you delays for about 20/30 seconds on 1st transaction
after boot.
My servres are reliable also. Never lost a byte in the last 6 years.

> I have tested your db and there is nothing unusual about the
connection or
> transaction time - so maybe someone else has some ideas.

Q : Do you experience the 20/30 secs delay after a reboot with the
DB i sent you ?

> How often are you rebooting? And have you timed this "freeze"

It's 20/30 secs for the DB i sent you. But some customers of mine
have bigger DBs taking up to 2 minutes.
One of the applications i developed using a "2 minutes startup" DB
is installed on many laptops of agents moving around. They often
need to shutdown and restart the laptop to show the application to
customers, and they must wait the 2 minutes upon the 1st transaction.
This *IS* critical, and ugly.

I must say that this is an issue Firebird is dragging along from
when it was Interbase 5.X (an maybe even before that).

This it about the 7th or 8th post iv'e done to this NG about this
issue... i really hope someone can at least explain me IF and WHY
Firebird must take so long when a first transaction is started after
a system reboot.