Subject Re: Special Character Problems (Trademark Symbol)
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Mark,

--- In, "mbellisle_retire"
> I must have just woke up. The problem is that I'm using the WIN125x
> character set.

Are you really seing clear now?

There are three character sets to consider:

1. The database column's declated character set
This seems to be NONE in your case, which is always
a problematic choice, when non ASCII data is to stored.
Unfortunately it's the default.

2. The actually used character set in a database columns
If you have a byte value 0x99 in your data and it should
read <TM-symbol>, it's a hint that this CP1252 data

3. Your connection character set, set in ISQL with
set names
When 1. is NONE 3. should also be NONE and you are
expected to handle character set issues yourself.
If 1. is not NONE, 3. should not be NONE. Firebird will
do the transliteration for you. Typically the bot character
sets are choosen to be equal or one of them is UNICODE.

4. The character set your client uses to display and
interpret strings. If this doesn't equal 3., all
sorts of funny chars get displayed. For ISQL this
character set is set by chcp.