Subject Re: Special Character Problems (Trademark Symbol)
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Mark,

--- In, "mbellisle_retire" wrote:
> I'm having a problem with getting data out of an IB db using Free
> IBProvider odbc driver.

I can't help you with the odbc driver, but if it works
correctly, everything should fit together after you
solved the underlying character set problem.

> The problem is, some of the IB data contains the trademark symbol
> (™), and it's causing an error.

So let's try to debug with the old but trustworthy ISQL console.

Open a console window (you are on a NT+ system?)

Set the console's codepage to 1252 with:
chcp 1252

Start ISQL and set the connection char set to CP1252:
SQL> set names WIN1252;

Open your database, select the offending field:
SQL> select FLD from TBL where COND;

Now, I assume ISQL gives:
> Cannot transliterate character between character sets

Select using explicit cast (match your field length)
SQL> select cast (FLD as varchar(200) character set WIN1252);

Does that work and display the TM-Symbol?

O.K. "Dangerous Bend" sign ahead - do you have a backup?

Safe way: add a new column with character set WIN1252
and copy the data to the new column, using the cast
shown above

Hack: Change the metadata of the existing column, setting
character set ID to 53

After either of these surgeries, you should now be able
to get the TM-sign in ISQL without cast.

Now your ODBC access should work too, using WIN1252 as
connection character set.

Peter Jacobi