Subject Re: Allocate file on winchester
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Szakály Balázs
<szakalyb@f...> wrote:
> Is any trick or procedure to create a larger fdb file on winchester
when i create the database, or after the create?
> Because when the file grow daily ~1MB with 10K step, then the
winchester will be wery fragmented..., but if i can set the size to
> 1GB on create, then the file remain unfragmented...

Balazs, don't care about this. You database never will be read
subsequently even if you'll expand it's size inserting million of
records and then deleting them and performing sweep to force garbage
collection. Each table's records will be placed on pages physically
far from each other after updates, 80% of selects will be joins of
several tables, used indices will be read from another pages etc.

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