Subject Re: deleting duplicate records
Author Dixon Epperson
> What is it that you are trying to accomplish with having the same
data in a table
> multiple times?

the duplicate rows are not part of the design, its an order entry
module and their customers will often times order an item, and then
later in the invoice, have it again for some other reason.

This is not a critical table, later in the program flow we
consolidate, such as when making the invoice. the idea here is not
to have duplicates, but rather to make the table as easy to work with
as possible and fast. For that reason, its possible for the order
entry person to duplicate an entry when not needing to.

I left out the key word DISTINCT in my original question. but I'm
not sure how to word this. Actually, its not a big deal and short of
a simple and obvious answer, that would be dependable in future
versions, I'm not going to mess with it.


Dixon Epperson