Subject Re: [firebird-support] ib-support mailing list
Author Claus Heeg
As I tried to look at yahoo (search google with "IB Support" you will get
Yahoo! Groups : ib-support <> -
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...ib-support, [ Join This Group! ]. Home, Members Only, Messages, Chat,
Files, ... Description,
Category: Adult. ib-support. Most Recent Messages. No messages for this
group. ... - 13k - Im Cache
- Ähnliche Seiten

------------------------------------ then followed I that link ... ----->


This group contains adult content.

We're sorry, you have reached an age-restricted area of Yahoo! Groups.

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*********adult content ********?????! this could be a FAKE list ????
too strange !

Paul Reeves wrote:

>I've just received a message from Yahoo inviting me to confirm my subscription
>to ib-support. This seems to be a new mailing list, started on 6th August and
>has 52 members. I haven't made any request that I am aware of to join an
>ib-support mailing list, so I'm rather suspicious of this.
>Anyone else being signed up for a mailing list name that I thought we had

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