Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Exceptions
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Ed,

> > Take Delphi questions to the appropriate forum. Both IBO and
> FIBPlus have
> > their own support lists. If you are using IBX, you might get some
> help on
> > the delphi.public.interbaseexpress forum at
> news://, as
> > long as you don't mention the "F" word.
> >
> I haven't been using IB/FB since 5.6 days and watched a distance the
> 6.0 debacle, but have been away since then (only talking with Jason
> Wharton occasionally). Is there really that much tension at Borland
> about FB? It seems strange that a company that gave birth to the open
> source DB wouldn't like what has come of it.

Not exactly - Borland didn't open source Firebird, they open sourced
InterBase. Firebird is a copy - and is now becoming a different product.
Firebird isn't a Borland product as the public forums they have are
for InterBase. They own the forums and therefore have every right to
say that there should be posted InterBase issues only.

Nevertheless, mentioning Firebird isn't going to get you in trouble - as
long as it's not something like "Firebird is free, use that" or "Firebird
do that". Makes perfectly sense to me.

Besides, Firebird and InterBase are growing apart pretty rapidly.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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