Subject Re: [firebird-support] Exceptions
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:42 PM 27/08/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi, Guys

Hi "Me",

>I've problem visualizing exception in Delphi with FireBird.
>All of then show "My Messaje" after another like this.
>Exception 1059521925.
>Exception 2.
>"Now My Message".
>I'll like to see just "My Message".

This isn't a Delphi forum.

Exception handling is a big and important topic with database applications
but it is a client application matter. Study the Delphi help. Database
errors are TException descendants, e.g. EDatabaseError, that provide
information about the exception. Generically speaking, what you are seeing
above comes from the Message property of the TException. You can intercept
and read that property and replace it with your own message. You'll need
to set up your own constants or ResourceStrings to map the ISC error codes
to your text.

The better database components, e.g. IB Objects, provide their own
Firebird/IB exception class that gives you a complete wrapping of the error
status array.

There's a paper at that might help to get
you started, since it's broadly about Delphi and Firebird/IB exception

Take Delphi questions to the appropriate forum. Both IBO and FIBPlus have
their own support lists. If you are using IBX, you might get some help on
the delphi.public.interbaseexpress forum at news://, as
long as you don't mention the "F" word.