Subject Re: Firebird 1.5 RC5 Check Constraints on Domains
Author kumasoftllc
Sorry, this was some poor analysis on my part. Via a trigger I was
inserting into a secondary table, and that secondary table lacked the
trigger to make the data conform to domain checks. Because the
Firefird error message does not specify the table in which the domain
checks are failing I assumed incorrectly that it was the primary

However, during my analysis to arrive at the above I have come across
an actual issue that I have documented in "Firebird 1.5 RC5 Trigger
Exception Handlers allow Unique Key Violations"


--- In, "kumasoftllc"
<kumasoftdev@b...> wrote:
> I have a new DB created with FB 1.5 RC5 and the problem has
> definately resurfaced...domain checks are occurring before "before
> insert" triggers.
> --- In, "Alexander V.Nevsky"
> <ded@h...> wrote:
> > --- In, "kumasoftllc"
> > <kumasoftdev@b...> wrote:
> > > Check constraints on Domains are being checked prior to "before
> > > insert/update" triggers. This makes it impossible for triggers
> to
> > > perform validation and correct/default column values to meet
> > > requirements of the Domain. I could have sworn I read
> > once
> > > that this had been fixed in earlier versions of Firebird, but
> no
> > > longer find such a statement. Can someone confirm the status
> > this
> > > issue? Thanks.
> >
> > Yes, I can. It was fixed in FB long ago. But note if you have
> > database created on very old FB version or on IB, you should
> > re-compile triggers, backup/restore don't cure it.
> >
> > Best regards, Alexander.