Subject Re: [firebird-support] Will future versions of FB open older version ODS ?
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:47 AM 26/08/2003 +0000, remk_1 wrote:
>AFAIK, Interbase has this feature. You can open older ODS database
>using newer version of IB.

No, it was broken and was disabled in IB. But in Firebird, instead of
disabling it we fixed it. It's been there since the earliest 0.9nn betas,
if not earlier.

>It allows to upgrade the database server
>first, then use (new version) of GBAK to backup/restore the (old ODS)
>database to upgrade the ODS.

I think you have this a bit mixed up. What you do is back up using the
gbak that belongs to the current (old) ODS and then restore using the gbak
that belongs to the new ODS.

I think there was something supposed to happen with the Services API, where
gbak would detect the ODS of the database and provide the option to back it
up as the current ODS and restore it as the new, provided it was not more
than one ODS step. I hadn't heard that Borland ever implemented it -
perhaps it is there for IB 6.5-to-7...

> Is is even possible to connect to old
>ODS database and work with it (without using the new features). Does
>anybody know whether this behaviour will be possible in future
>versions of FB ?

Reiterate: it has been available with Firebird all along, to open an ODS 9
database and treat it as a dialect 1 database. It's not available in IB 6
(even though the doc says it is...) but they might have fixed it in IB 7.
Even after three years I'm still maintaining IB 5.6 databases running under
Firebird servers. Backing up using 5.6 gbak, however.

>I know the best way to upgrade to a new version of IB/FB is to make
>the backup first, then reinstall the server and finally restore the
>backup. From the end user perspective, however, it is easier just to
>upgrade the server and then let the application program to upgrade
>all its databases.

"Easy" isn't the primary criterion when you're talking about a company's IS
and a major task like an ODS upgrade. On some sites (too many, indeed)
backups are not part of company culture. As an absolute minimum, one would
want to perform a complete native-ODS-version backup, restore and test of
the production database before considering *any* operation that would
change the ODS.