Subject Re: PROBLEMS Droping table
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, ales <ales@c...> wrote:
> Helo!
> I have 3 conected tables (master/detail) like A -> B A-> C
> I want to drop all tables. When I try to drop table B it returns me
> error (actualy it is not an error but I don't know what to do :)))
> "These operation is not defined for system tables. Unsuccesfully
> metadata update. Cannot delete. COLUMN PRD2_ID. There are 1

This mean PRD2_ID is used in some stored procedure or trigger not on
table B. Find it and change code before dropping table.

> I am using IB Expert Personal Edition!!

I did'nt seen this, but in commercial IBExpert you can see
dependencies just selecting appropriate tab when exploring table. If
Personal have'nt this ability, take a look on rdb$dependencies table
description in Language Reference, it is very easy to write query to
find dependent object.

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