Subject Re: [firebird-support] Characterset of systemtabels
Author Walter Neumann
Thank you Daniel for the quick answer.

Am Montag, 25. August 2003 20:06 schrieb Daniel Rail:
> Hi,
> At August 25, 2003, 13:31, Walter Neumann wrote:
> > Since the last update, I recieve, if I restore the database the error
> > message 'arithmetic exception, overflow or string truncation'. Examining
> > the database, I can see that the error comes from the table
> > RDB$EXCEPTIONS. The database use the characterset WIN1252. The
> > characterset of all the sytem tables seems to be UNICODE FSS. So gbak has
> > troubles to restore the exceptions. Should I change the characterset of
> > the exception table?
> No. Usually, the error that you mention, occurs if a string is
> actually longer than what can actually be stored. Do you happen to
> have defined a custom exception?

Yes. But that couldn't be the reason. The exception name has 17 character
(field in the exception table is varchar(31)) and the message 32 character
(field is varchar(78)). But I can see, if I use special german characters in
the message, then appears the error. So it must be a question of the
characterset! Is it possible to change the characterset in this table?

Walter Neumann