Subject Re: backup is corrupt
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "Richard" <rad@e...> wrote:
> What ca i do if a backup is corrupt und restore doesn't work. gbak
> aborts with:
> gbak: restoring data for table KAS_BON
> gbak: 10000 records restored
> gbak: 20000 records restored
> gbak: adjusting an invalid decompression length from 121 to 109
> gbak: committing data for table KAS_BON
> gbak: 28268 records restored
> ...
> gbak: do not recognize table attribute 0 -- continuing

Richard, take a look at

> gbak: ERROR: attempt to store duplicate value (visible to active
> transactions) i
> n unique index "RDB$INDEX_11"

Did'nt restore your database since FB1 RC1 times? :) Or even use it
now? You are too conservative ;) Before backup make


(not RDB$SECURITY_CLASS!!!). There was bug in those build - unneeded
and unserved server generator.

Best regards, Alexander.