Subject Re: Data Access Components IBX, FIBPlus, Zeos
Author robert_hollay
Hi, Jason

--- In, "Jason Berry" <jberry@i...>
> Hi
> I work on a development using Delphi 5 / 7 and IBX to access 1.5
Firebird. I
> am looking at changing the database access components due to
possible future
> incompatibilities.

Good decision!

> I had chosen FIBPlus as it seems to be a close match to
> IBX.
> However I have found ZEOS and would appreciate comment on this from
> anybody who has used ZEOS or both.

If you want to stick to FB/IB, then IBO and FIBPlus are the favorits.
They are not freeware, but IBO for example has a rather liberal
trustware licence (and it's free for non commercial use, AFAIK).
With these db access components you can squeeze out nearly everything
from FB/IB.

If you want a completely free component library, then ZEOS is possibly
a good choice for you. It's open source. The actual version is
6.0.12. It's still a little buggy, but is rapidly developed in
the last few months. There are some really enthusiastic developers.
It has a universal interface to many different RDBMS
(FB,IB,MySQL,PostgreSQL ...),
something like dbExpress, but ZEOS is much easier to use.
The next version (ZEOS 6.1) will have many improvements and bug fixes.
If your demands are not very high, and your budget is limited (like
then ZEOS could be a right choice for you.


> Regards
> Jason Berry
> Software Team Manager
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