Subject Re: [firebird-support] upgrading to RC1.5
Author Daniel Rail

At August 21, 2003, 15:05, dixonepperson wrote:

> I have 1.0.3 installed. The connection speeds, to an XP Pro are
> still too slow. Would I be able to upgrade directly to 1.5 from
> 1.0.3 and what would be required.

That's what I did. Do remember to change the database extension to
something else than .GDB, i.e.: .FDB. You should see a difference in
the connection speed.

> Second q---
> When using Firebird on a Linux server, what is needed for a Windows
> client to connect and query. A friend of mine says I need SAMBA.
> Would appreciate a little help on this.

TCP/IP is enough, and SAMBA is not required. Firebird server is the one
that needs access to the database, not the Windows client. It's the
same thing as connecting through the internet.

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